Every Buyer dreams of buying the “perfect home”.  Whether you are buying your first home your right now home or your forever home, my goal is to find you that “perfect home” and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.
Let me help you take the right steps….

Wishlist for Your Perfect Home

Let’s get together over coffee and discuss your “perfect home”.  I will provide you with an overview of the home buying process and the additional expenses you will incur over and above the down payment and mortgage costs.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Before we actually go out to view properties, I always suggest that my clients get pre-approved for their mortgage.  There would be nothing more disappointing than finding your “perfect home” only to find out that you can’t afford it!  We will discuss these steps at our initial meeting.

Shopping for Your Perfect Home

After we have you pre-qualified, we can start looking at houses!  The home buying process should be fun, like the ultimate shopping trip!   Because I take the time to listen carefully to your wants and needs in advance, finding the “perfect home” will not take as long as you might think.

During our search,  I will always be one phone call away to answer any questions you may have about potential properties and to show you properties that meet your needs.

Putting in an OFFER

We found your “perfect home,” time to make an offer! I will thoroughly explain all the clauses and conditions within the Agreement of Purchase.  I will not have you sign anything that you are not comfortable with.  Remember, I represent YOU!  I will ensure that the sale documents are immediately forwarded to your bank/mortgage broker and your lawyer.  If you need advice on choosing a lawyer, ask me or check out my Trusted Professionals.

I will be available and assist you every step of the way!

Moving Day!


Congratulations!  The waiting is over …. Welcome Home!

Call me today and let’s get started!


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    The majority of Buyers today use a Buyer Representation Agreement (RECO 2002)
    It is mandatory by our Law and Regulation to provide representation as either a customer or a client . . .
    Why not take advantage of all I have to offer as YOUR  representative?

    I AM working fully as your representative to your best interest

    I WILL find you the best properties, using the quickest methods and  using my experience and the experience of our office with over 1300 years of combined experience

    I WILL take the stress out of this complicated process!

    I WILL keep your interests confidential, signing a buyer representation agreement allows me to represent you and provide this confidentiality to you .  I am able to start the search for your home immediately by networking with my fellow professionals, using the MLS system, calling past clients, using open houses, access to past history, past expired listings, Realtor open houses, custom client searches, and canvassing your area of interest.

    I WILL provide exclusive service to you!

    I AM a licensed, bonded and insured realtor . . . . it is not “buyer beware” when I work for you!

    I WILL educate you regarding: Vendor Disclosure, Market Conditions, Financing Options, House Inspections, Surveys and Title Insurance, Closing Costs, Encroachments, Area and Amenities, Realty taxes and assessments and go over the Agreement of Purchase & Sale thoroughly so that you know what you are signing!

    I WILL represent your interest, not the Seller. In the past, all realtors worked for the Seller and their interest.  With a Buyer Representation agreement in place, we are able to represent your interest.


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